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  • Welcome To Unique Equipments

    Are you worried about the heightened risks and security matters and is looking forward for safety and security systems, then "Unique Equipments" is the right place for you. We are one of the renowned Industrial Metal Detector manufacturers, exporters and suppliers from Goa, India. Our range encompasses Pulse Induction Metal Detector, Micro Scan Metal Detector, Tablet Metal Detector, Hand Held Metal Detector, Under Vehicle Search Mirror, Door Frame Metal Detector and many more. We are specialized manufacturer in India manufacturing Industrial Metal Detectors for Pharmaceutical Industry to detect metal in tablets, Food Processing Metal Detectors for detection of metal in Food Products such as Bread, Biscuit and other food products.

    Apart from industrial usage,our unique metal detectors such as Hand Held Metal Detectors and Door Frame Metal Detectors are widely used in various commercial places like Malls, Theaters, Offices, Security Agencies and other organizations Our manufacturing unit is equipped with latest technology that helps us in developing an exquisite range of metal detectors to ensure high end security. Our company has been growing at a fast rate and we have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in India, which is the result of our hard work and total dedication towards the business. Clients prefer our detectors due to the easy availability and the economical- price offer by us. Besides, the company is also primarily engaged in the exporting of Metal Detectors to USA, UK, Canada, Japan etc.

  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector Metal detector is a device that is used to detect presence of metallic items in any product. It is made using mild or stainless steel that ensures longer functional life. It has automatic balancing facility and supports dual channel operations. The metal detector is used in various industries as in food processing, dairy and packaging industries. It comprises of the dual channel support that features pneumatic flap, air flap, diverter arm, belt retracting and adopts a belt stop type of reject mechanism as per applications. We being the leading metal detector brand offer range of its type and assure brilliant services.

    How does it work?

    Metal detectors use the principal of electromagnetism. Typically the metal detector comprises an electronic box, transmitter, receiver antenna and a battery case. With the help of battery power, the transmitter generates a magnetic field. When the electromagnetic signature is received, the receiver further transmits the signal to the electronic box. This speaker then amplifies the signal. Then the metal detector produces the beep sound which indeed further indicates the contamination.

    Salient Features of Metal Detector with Us

    • It is highly sensitive product
    • Ensures automatic balancing
    • Dual Channel operations
    • Pneumatic flap, air flap, diverter arm, belt retracting and others
    • It is developed out of mild and stainless steel

    Application of Dual Channel Supported Metal Detector

    • Ideal for food processing
    • Best for dairy and packaging industry
    • Sea food, spices and dry fruits
    • Plastic industry
    • Grains and confectionery

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  • Industrial Metal Detector

    Metal Detector Industrial Metal Detectors are one of the widely used products that are used in various industries. Being the leading metal detector suppliers we assure best quality product that is easy to install and easy to operate. Presently the importance of Metal Detectors is increasing day by day. They are used not used for leisure purpose but for work and safety reasons.

    Ideally industrial metal detectors are used to detect metallic items by making use of electromagnetic induction method. These metal detector come in various types as in bag metal detectors, capsule metal detector, gravity feed metal detector, needle detector and tablet metal detector. All these items find their applications in various industries as in beverages, garments, plastic processing, packaging industries, pharmaceuticals and other industrial organizations.

    Industrial Metal Detectors are designed to offers easy installation and smart functionality. Further these products are made of mild and stainless metal that assures quality and best results. Ideally these are made to offer durability, reliability and are available at best affordable prices.

    Salient features of Industrial Metal Detector:

    Industrial metal detectors are manufactured to offer assortment of features as in

    • Dual signal test circuit technology
    • Anti-corrosive
    • Simple and easy to clean
    • Anti-corrosive
    • Optimum performance
    • Easy to install
    • Electromagnetic induction
    • Alarm buzzer and belt stops
    • Power supply – 230V, 50Hz and single phase

    Applications of Industrial Metal Detector:

    There are range of industries and sectors where metal detector is widely used. Few of them are:

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Cement industry
    • Coal industry
    • Plastic industry
    • Mining industry
    • Rubber and textile industry
    • Food industry

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  • Hand Held Metal Detector

    Hand Held Metal Detector In sync with latest technologies and industrial application, metal detector devices are available in different varieties for varying purpose. Witnessing the growing change, hand held metal detectors have forayed in the market and assures easy and quick introspection of metallic item in all types of products. These detectors are produced from mild yet finest raw materials that have strong capability to detect presence of any metallic items in range of products. With surging demand, detectors come in different sizes and are pegged at varying prices so that customers can easily avail them without any hassles.

    Metal detectors usually have high sensitivity and automatic balancing activity. The gadget has a button and a sound arrangement which gets functional when any metal item is found. Generally, when any item is scanned the metal detector button is pressed. The moment button is pressed, it becomes active and presence of any metal item is detected.

    These items are used in different types of industries and come in different types.

    Features of Hand Held Metal Detector

    • Available in different sizes.
    • Easy to handle and convenient to use
    • Fine quality raw material
    • Ensures durability
    • Highly sensitive
    • Tailor made product
    • Automatic balancing
    • Longer functional life
    • Audio detection of metallic item
    • Robust and durability
    • Complies with industry expectation

    Application of Metal Detector

    It is largely used in different types of industries as in:

    • Food processing
    • Packaging industry
    • Plastic industry
    • Spice industry

    The metal detectors are produced in bulk. Customers needing it at large scale can place their orders anytime. Being the leading suppliers of it, we ensure that nothing but the best is delivered to the customers sans any hassles. Thus we offer an online shopping platform that escapes buyers from all sorts of troubles and assures complete shopping convenience and ease.

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  • Tablet metal detector

    Tablet Metal Detector Tablet metal detectors are widely used in the industry to detect presence of metal products nearby or in the item scanned. Over the period of time, there have been several refinements done to the product and is available in best shape and size that is not only easy to handle but also simple to use.

    The tablet metal detector is manufactured from stainless steel through out to provide a hygienic and clean inspection. The product comes in different sizes and is customized to tailor needs and requirements of various customers.

    Salient features of tablet detector

    • Full construction complaints with CGMPs are made of SS 304 and the part that comes in contact of the product will be SS 316
    • Non-metallic part are developed from food grad materials
    • It has very high through output- 5000 to 7000 tablet or capsule per minute that depend on the size or shape
    • The reject mechanism it has will be detachable type and can be cleaned with water
    • Its height can be easily adjusted
    • The input height is easy to install
    • It has a rejected bin attached with the system
    • Sensitivity and other parameters can be set by the touch key pad
    • Auto validation facility is available
    • Product effect compensation
    • Food grad non-metallic white chute that has authentication certificate designed in a way that can be easily cleaned
    • Comprehensive manual has DQ, IO,OQ and PQ. The validated test calibration kits with certificates

    Specifications of tablet Metal detector

    • The tablet metal detector comes with following specifications
    • 4x 20 character LCD display with backlight.
    • Indigenous developed customized software to provide up to date record for all products and for validation of machine.
    • The product comprises 100 products memory. It can be set 00-99.
    • Further it provides three level of security code as in General mode, Supervisor mode and Administration mode.


    It has its wide application in tablet and capsule inspection.

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  • Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

    Metal Detector Pharmaceutical metal detector is widely used in pharmaceutical industry. The detector is generally used to detect presence to metal in the product under the scanning process. With growing demand the detectors have undergone the modification process andensure best product services in sync with maximum customer satisfaction.

    Pharmaceutical metal detectors are manufactured out of stainless steel that assures complete hygienic and clean inspection. Owing to the specialized techniques and applications timely up-gradations are done to the gadget to affirm that it adequately meets the industrial needs and requirements.

    Pharmaceutical metal detectors are largely produced to cater different needs of customers from different backgrounds. Range of pharma detectors come in different shapes and sizes and intend to detect presence of any metallic items.

    Salient features of Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

    • The construction complaints with CGMPs are made of SS 304 and the portion of the product will be SS 316.
    • The height can be best adjusted well
    • Easy to install
    • It has 4x 20 character LCD display with back light
    • It has 100 products memory and can be set from 00-99
    • It affirms three level security of the product at General mode, Administration mode and Supervisor mode
    • Sensitivity and other parameter can be set with the help of touch key pad
    • It has comprehensive manual with DQ/IQ/OQ and PQ and has validated test calibrated kits with certificates for validation test.

    It is also largely and widely used in medical bottle caps, bandage, tapes, nappies and lot more.

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The corner stone of “Unique Equipments” was laid in the year 1999, as a striking company involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide variety of metal detectors. Under the proficient headship of our CEO Mr. Pravin P. Parker, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. Backed by an expert team, we have set benchmarks in the business of security systems.

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