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Basic concepts about pulse induction metal detectors

Basic Concepts About Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Pulse induction metal detectors are another type of sensors that find tremendous usage in various applications to sense metals like gold, silver, aluminum, platinum, brass, copper and steel. These are used extensively in the industries where detection of metal is of utmost importance.

These are little bit different from the traditional ones. They contain two or three coils that are connected to the transmitter & receiver. When they come in the contact or vicinity of the metal, the short pulses or bursts pass through the coils. The generation of bursts causes the magnetic fields to get disturb. These fields in turn imbalance the bridge circuitry, causing the sensor to indicate the presence of the metals.

The most important part of the detector is the coil. Its size basically depends on the application of the detectors. It is basically governed by the diameter of the object to be detected. The depth of the coil should be 5 times the diameter of the object.

Manufacturers of Pulse Induction Metal Detectors are employing the graded material & component to develop their products. They are using advance technology in order to offer flawless operation. Apart from this, they are also striving for offering the highest level of accuracy. For that purpose, they are heavily relying on the theoretical as well as the practical aspect of the subjects. They are using varying length coils to improve the performance of the devices.


  • Accuracy: This is the most important feature of any electronic device. It should have to give accurate results over wide range.
  • Durability: Manufacturers are striving hard to offer long operating life.
  • Response Time: The device has to be faster to sense objects accurately.

Advantages of using Pulse Induction Metal Detectors: These device offer great stability over wide range. The varying depth of the coils offers huge penetration of pulses or bursts. Apart from this, water & air also have no effect on these. 

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