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Important facts about metal detectors

Important Facts About Metal Detectors

Metal detectors generally belong to the family of sensors or indicators. Sensors are the devices that are used to detect the presence of some specific thing. Same is the case with the detectors. These are the special type of electronic devices or sensors that are used to detect or indicate the presence of metallic impurities. These are mostly employed at important building like railway stations, airports, government buildings, military areas, hotels, shopping malls and other places of interest.

These comprise of various components like battery, alarm, Led, bridge circuitry, transmitter, receiver & sensor probe. All of these are combined together to form the structure.

Magnetic fields play an important role in their working. When a metallic impurity or object comes in the close vicinity or contact of the sensors, the magnetic field or flux changes, this in turn changes the amplitude or phase of the current passing through the bridge circuitry. This then causes the alarm or any other indicator to turn on.

These are developed in wide array of specifications in order to meet the requirements of the industry. Manufacturers of metal detectors employ superb quality components along with modern technology to ensure durability, reliability & accuracy during operation.

Hand held Metal detectors are widely employed at airports, railway stations, government buildings & other important places to provide security & safety. Based upon their application, there threshold level is prescribed. This is set in such a way that these can work efficiently. For example, the detector that is used at airport or railway station its operating point or threshold level is different to the one that is used at the pharmacy industries. In pharma applications it has to detect even very minute traces of metals. The other thing is the response time. It has to be very fast in terms of response.

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