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Pharma metal detectors to keep pharmaceuticals safe

Pharma Metal Detectors To Keep Pharmaceuticals Safe

Pharmaceutical industry faces tough challenges in ensuring public safety. As they are responsible for public health & safety, they have to follow tough guidelines while manufacturing their products. Strict norms are applicable on them in order to maintain international standard. So in order to mitigate the risk, they heavily rely on Pharma metal detectors to detect the contaminated material in their products.

First of all let me explain what metal detectors really are & what their job is. These are electronic equipments that are useful in sensing metal. Whenever these devices come in the vicinity of metal then they sensed it. The signal is obtained in the form of sounding of buzzer or glowing of led.

The devices that are used in pharmaceutical industries are of special type & are specifically known as pharma metal detectors. These are tremendously used in sensing the traces ferrous & non ferrous along with particles of non metallic stainless steel. Some of the other metal particles that can contaminate a product are copper, aluminum, brass & many more. So it is essential to remove these impure particles as these are injurious to health.

 The common sources of these impurities are

  • Raw material that originate from metal chips, flakes, pipes, cargo tanks and various other sources.
  • Machinery: The metal traces that comes from the rubbing of metal parts or decaying of metal, aging of metal, metal scratch etc.
  • Construction & building material

Pharmacy industries employ metal detectors to detect metal impurities so that contamination free will reach to the buyers. The impurity at pharmacy facilities mainly comprises of raw material originate at mixing process, in tablet pressing process, capsule formation, filling & packaging stage. In a nutshell, we can say that at every stage of manufacturing there is a possibility of contamination. So these detectors are tremendously used for that purpose.

The basic working principle involves the unbalancing of the standard circuit bridge. When the detector comes in the vicinity of the metal, then electromagnetic flux changes which in turns induces an emf resulting in the flow of eddy current in the circuit. This unbalances the bridge causing the sensor to sense the metal and indicate it with the help of buzzer or led.

In pharmacy industries it is employed immediately after tablet pressing process. It is also used prior to capping & sealing of the product. The modern equipments have the ability to check the presence of metal even after sealing process.

Equipment manufacturers are trying hard to provide high quality products at affordable prices. They are utilizing latest technology in order to give precision, accuracy, long life & easy use. The most important characteristic of any detector is its ability to sense the minimum possible trace. Technically, it is the least size of particle they can easily detect. So, understanding the requirements of buyers, developers are manufacturing their products so as to offer high precision products. Another feature that they should consider while developing these is to ensure their immunity to vibration & electromagnetic & atmospheric noise.

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