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Micro Scan Metal Detector

Micro Scan Metal Detector

Unique Equipments is trusted for the manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Micro Scan Metal Detectors. Our complete range is designed using advanced technology as per international quality standards. This Scan Metal Detector has a compact design and needs less pace for installation. It is used in food and pharmaceutical industries to detect metal contamination in packets or products. Our company offers this unique micro scan metal detector in various specifications and acknowledged for optimal accuracy, reliability and longer service life. Metal passing through the metal detector unit will be detected and optional devices can be used to reject the contaminated product. This unique metal detector is constructed from stainless steel to meet the strict, modern hygienic standards of the food industry. To monitor the amount of contamination, it includes a built-in LED bar graph.

Modern food production process place great demand on production and processing machinery. Customised to your requirements. Available in wide range of aperture sizes with aluminum or stainless steel structure, manufactured to the very highest food industry standards the detector can be customised to suit your particular application.

  • Great care has been taken in the design and manufacture to ensure a very high order of reliability.
  • Rugged construction for reliable working in industrial conditions.
  • On detection of metal an audible and visual alarm can be given an automatic rejection system operated or an conveyor belt can be stopped for manual remove of metal.
  • New manufacturing techniques result in an integral search head and control unit making installation and operation even simpler.
  • Unique advanced engineering and build quality ensure long, reliable performance on the line. Robust components, sophisticated electronics and informative controls help to minimize downtime and maintenance.
  • Micro scan metal detectors has been designed to provide the most sensitive, reliable advanced and robust metal detector available.

Salient Features

  • Compact size- needs less installation space.
  • Easily cleaned
  • Stainless steel finish for easy clean and hygienic design.
  • High sensitivity to all metal including the most difficult non-magnetic stainless steel.
  • Easily compatible with all conveyor belts.
  • Built in LED Bar Graph to monitor the amount of contamination.
  • Performance is maintained stable throughout the life.
  • Auto balance
  • Easy change Electronic modules.

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