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Unique Equipments is the most Field-tested Liquid Metal Detector Manufacturers in Mormugao. Liquids or semi-liquid paste are treated and transported through intricate pipe systems to their packing destination in many food processing plants. Metal contamination may happen while the liquid meals are being transported. Our stationary in-line systems may regulate the flow of liquid or paste-like goods through pipes, including ketchup, toothpaste, tomato paste, and fruit juice. The pipe is created without metals to detect metal in liquid foods as they pass through it. The metal detection system uses a piston or butterfly valve ejector device, depending on the consistency of the liquid inside the pipe. 


We are the most High-performing Liquid Metal Detector manufacturer in Goa. Our product offers many things like outstanding Sensitivity, Accuracy, Stability, and Precision are features of our product. The seals are all dependable and long-lasting. Digital temperature control balances the environment.  We make sure that each and every product is well-maintained and up-to-date and gives accurate results. 


We are the most Cost-effective Liquid Metal Detector exporters from India. Our detectors help prevent contamination and damage caused by metal particles, ensuring the safety and purity of liquids used in manufacturing processes. Our Liquid metal detectors are valuable in various industries, such as food processing and wastewater treatment, where ensuring metal-free liquids is essential for product quality and environmental protection. 


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